Sports Betting Arbitrage – Win Every Time You Bet

I went with the above example because it is the lowest paying kind of arbitrage opportunity – I wanted to be conservative – but there are numerous arbitrage opportunities paying out 3%, 15%, 20% and more every single day.

We’re now getting to the real interesting part. Apply the knowledge of arbitrage to hundreds of sporting events to make money, completely risk free and guaranteed. He believes the Internet m88 asia gives ordinary people the opportunity to make extra-ordinary income working from home.

At 2/5 the total amount to invest in Davenport to return $100 was $71.42. It is not trading. What you will need is a PC and internet connection and of course my powerful package which shows you step by step how to start earning immediately with sports betting arbitrage – and gives you a powerful website which spoon feeds you the best daily arbitrages – in real time. You can also do this from anywhere in the world, right from the comfort of your own home.

This explosively profitable little known secret that has been used by banks for centuries is now available to you thanks to the power of the Internet!

This means that the total investment required to return $100 – whichever player wins – is just $96.42. This is also the reason that it’s perfectly legal to profit from them, why they can never be closed down and why the opportunities will continue to grow explosively over the next few decades.

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I have put together a package so you could actually be enjoying your first profits in just a few hours from now because you’ll actually receive free lifetime access to a website that gives a list of all available arbitrage opportunities everyday, and in realtime! This is a bonus that is almost priceless because it will help you harvest incredible profits every single day – for the rest of your life. I said earlier that there is nothing else quite like it in the world – that’s because this loophole/internet opportunity (call it what you like) is the only investment technique I have ever seen that makes a guaranteed, risk free profit in a few hours time without any chance of a loss. Betting is a very risky thing to do – sure a handful of few people may win at it but on the whole most people will always lose in the long term. I mean “free money” is pretty much what we’re talking about right? It’s all a scam isn’t it because we all know there is no such thing? Well actually no – stick around for a few minutes and I’ll prove to you without a shadow of doubt that not only is this “secret” (actually it’s an investment technique) very genuine, but a lot of individuals are using it to make tens, hundreds and even thousands of dollars/pounds/yen etc…every single day.

So what about the guaranteed returns that you can expect on each investment? Well in general arbitrage opportunities will usually return anywhere between 3% and 15% on your investment (this is just a general guide however – arbitrage opportunities that pay 30%, 70% or even over 100% do exist and you will come by them sometimes – just not very often).

This is exactly how arbitrage opportunities are born. Before continuing let me make one thing absolutely clear – this is in no way a form of betting or gambling. The key to the huge and regular arbitrage profits you’re going to be making by tonight is this – “there are huge differences in the opinions of bookmakers over the world, leading to a huge difference in how they price the same sporting event.”

You Are About To Discover How To Get A Risk Free Return Of Between 3% and 90% In Just 2 Hours. How much is that actually worth? I’m not sure I can even put a dollar value on it.

It’s so simple that even a seven year old could understand it. It is the power of the internet that has brought this to your attention. It was a mathematical certainty. It is NOT betting.

Did you know that there are now several thousands of online bookmakers all over the world? Everyday, in every country more and more continue to spring up (because lets face it betting is a huge industry with bookmakers keen to take the money of millions of hungry gamblers). As the number of online bookies has seriously increased over the last couple of years so the number of highly profitable arbitrage opportunities have exploded. That’s very good news for us and I’ll explain more on this shortly.

You stumble across knowledge such as this perhaps once in a lifetime which, if applied, will give you an excellent daily income for life with minimal effort – this, like arbitrage itself is simply a mathematical certainty. At 3/1 the total amount to invest in Clijsters to return $100 was $25.

Now 3.58% may seem like a small return but remember that it was totally certain, risk free, took only 2 hours to achieve and there was never a possibility of ever losing the money or not getting the profit. You can even do this from your beach house while sipping on a martini and enjoying the cool sea breeze on your face.

Perhaps you’re concerned that it’s not legal? Let me assure you, this simple little method is perfectly legal – in fact huge investment banks listed in the stock exchanges that you probably own shares in use this exact same method every single day to sweep in millions of dollars for themselves. Again And Again – Guaranteed!

Now I’m going to prove it!

It could change your life!

But it gets even better you see, because this simple but money generating technique can never be monitored or regulated. The second is that you cannot possibly ever lose using the almost embarrassingly easy one-step technique that you’re going to discover.

During Wimbledon 2001 the ladies singles match between Lindsay Davenport and Kim Clijsters was priced differently by bookies Victor Chandler and Tote. Most of these bets take under 5 minutes to place online, and after the sporting event has finished you simply collect your profits and move on to the next arbitrage opportunity.. Arbitrage is zero risk and guaranteed profits – it is a high paying, very short term (a couple of hours) investment that will ALWAYS result in you walking away with a certain profit.

Sports Betting Arbitrage – Win Every Time You Bet

 by: Ray Fearnley

Well the internet has thrown up a once-in-a-generation opportunity for just about anyone with an internet connection and PC to make heaps of cash every day by doing exactly the same thing. It’s not only so simple that a child could understand, but it’s 100% legitimate and tax free (although please remember tax laws vary from country to country and over time.)

Before moving on are you worried that just because “arbitrage” is used by financial institutions that it will be somehow complex, difficult or require mathematical or specialist knowledge of some kind? Well let me tell you that this technique is so outrageously simple that even a 7 year old could understand it and use the one-step technique you’re about to learn to make piles of cash – from day one. First, you need absolutely no knowledge either of investment arbitrage or sporting events to make a certain, 100% guaranteed profit every day with this simple technique. Make no mistake, there are people just like you who are making a huge monthly income (others use it as a nice little stress free, part time earner) from this wonderful little concept. It’s not even investing strictly speaking because with all of these things it’s possible that you can make a loss – but with sports arbitrage there is no possible chance of you ever losing – you know the exact profit you are going to make before the sporting event even kicks off. Make money from day one with no requirement of any prior knowledge or further reading. Use this incredible but simple investment technique to earn money for you everyday for as long as the internet is around, regardless of the economic climate or where you happen to live. There are literally thousands of these “Profit Loopholes” every single day, each paying between 3% 90% on your investment – 100% risk free guaranteed!

You’re going to be applying the concept of arbitrage to the world of online sports betting. This is not gambling. Can you see how this is guaranteed and risk free money? Absolutely anyone, if they knew about this could have made 3.58%, totally risk free on an amount of however much money they wanted to invest.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this letter – you must be quite curious right about now, but I bet very suspicious too. Can you think of any other method in the world that offers such a return?

Hopefully you are now starting to understand the potential of arbitrage trading. But the best thing is that not only is it 100% legal – but it can never be stopped and the number of opportunities that exist everyday are growing with the internet. A return of 3.58% within under 2 hours (this is a very conservative example). You will literally be able to switch on your PC, visit a website that shows you today’s guaranteed returns, place your guaranteed risk free investment and collect your profits a couple of hours later.

Rayzee has had an Internet presence since 1996 and specialises in thinking “outside of the box”. You can use this method in the USA, UK, Australia, Asia, Europe…anywhere with an internet connection and PC. Before continuing to read just remember two things. I have just shared with you an incredibly powerful formula to tap into a huge stream of wealth whenever you like – every single day. Let me repeat this – you will be placing sports bets in such a way that no matter what the outcome, you are guaranteed to profit, because you will be betting on all possible outcomes with different bookmakers so that no matter the result, you will get a guaranteed and risk free profit.

About The Author

The simple little method that you’re going to learn about is called “sports betting arbitrage” – an explosively profitable internet loophole that can be used by absolutely anyone with an internet connection PC to make anywhere from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars a day. Isn’t it better to use this amazing technique now rather than later?

Kind regards,

Get more information at

There is simply nothing else like it in the world – we already know that the arbitrage technique has been used by banks and global traders for centuries – that’s great for them – but what about you?

As we saw above there are so many opportunities that come up it would be impossible to invest in all of them – the strategy is obviously to cherry pick the highest paying ones every day.

1. Victor Chandler saw Davenport to win at odds of 2/5 while Tote saw Clijsters at 3/1.

2. As you read on you’re going to discover rock-solid proof, not only on exactly how well this perfectly simple technique works, but also how it has the potential to effortlessly make you a lot of money, everyday, for just a few minutes of work.

It is not betting or investing – it is a mathematical certainty brought about by the internet that you can use to make free money everyday – for the rest of your life. That’s quite a claim but from the actual proof that you’re going to read below you’ll see why this is no exaggeration – there are literally hundreds of opportunities every single day for you to apply this technique and make as much free cash as you want. You need no knowledge of any sporting events at all – you’re effectively discovering how you can bet on both sides of a sporting event so no matter who wins, you’re guaranteed a definite fixed return on your investment.

The fact is this information is priceless and is unheard of by most investors, let alone the general public. With this Sports Betting Arbitrage Package you’ll learn how to:


This article was posted on March 24, 2006

3. It is the power of the internet that also gives you the chance to use arbitrage every day to make a lot of money with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Ray Fearnley

Does it surprise you that some people actually do this full time? It’s their work-from-home “J-O-B”! Wouldn’t it be nice to earn a living just by logging onto a couple of bookmakers, placing a few “sure bets” and walking away a few hours later with a guaranteed profit? You see, with sports arbitrage you’re taking advantage of the price differences that exist by betting on opposite sides of the same sporting event – so no matter who wins/loses/draws, you are guaranteed to come away with a risk free and guaranteed profit – every single time.

Are you ready now to learn and apply this incredibly simple technique to start earning money every day? Remember that you need no specialist knowledge on anything. It can never be closed down (you’ll see exactly why in a minute) and as the internet grows (believe me, we’ve only seen the very tip of the internet iceberg to now) the opportunities to earn sure, risk-free money from this simple strategy will multiply by hundreds of times

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Some tips regarding playing Baccarat at an online casino

In common with all casino games the dealer’s hand in Baccarat has the edge, but there is also a small house edge to contend with even if you back the dealer’s hand every time. Baccarat is one of those casino games which has for some reason established itself with a reputation for being both difficult to play and a game for high rollers only. This outcome is very rare and most experienced Baccarat players would never dream of backing a tied hand. The first tip is to forget what happened in the previous hand as it is totally irrelevant. Nothing could be further from the truth, particularly when playing gclub ผ่านเว็บ Baccarat at an online casino. There are three possible outcomes of each hand of Baccarat, the dealer’s hand wins, the player’s hand wins or there is a tie. That is one reason why here at we have dedicated a lot of space on this site to detailing the rules of most of the casino games we are likely to come across at an online casino. Next is to check how many decks are in use because it does marginally affect the odds, and then take account of the house edge. The final tip is to ignore the apparently generous odds offered on a tied hand. A typical example of a casino game which most of us have never had the chance to play is Baccarat, and whilst knowing the rules of Baccarat is not necessary in order to play the game online there are some tips which may improve your chances of winning. The whole game is controlled by the dealer according to the rules of Baccarat, so we do not need to know them. All a player has to do is choose which of two hands will win, the dealer’s hand or the player’s hand. Playing Baccarat at an online casino is easy, but remember it is simply a matter of luck which hand wins, because there is no winning formula.

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Tips on playing Baccarat at an online casino

Tips for playing Baccarat

Baccarat at an online casino is a fun game for everyone

Baccarat is a very easy online casino game to play

Baccarat really is a simple online casino game.

The availability of online casinos has provided many of us with the opportunity to play some traditional casino games which are not offered by our land based casinos in Ireland

Check This Out :

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Football Betting Myths by Luken Karel

Professional gamblers believe all their bets are good ones; that’s why they make them.

Myth #6: Wiseguys bet more on games they really like.

Reality: Not likely. Many years ago, if a bookmaker found out some significant nugget of data, he might try to lure the bettor to the “wrong” side. It’s not enough to have one specific area of expertise because the NFL schedule demands that teams play half their games outside their own division. While it’s true that teams often do not tip their hand during the preseason or against weak, non-divisional foes, players are in no better position to uncover this deception than are bookmakers. That’s probably not just luck.

Myth #7: Bettors can win by concentrating on a specific conference, division or region.

Given the massive popularity of the NFL, it’s surprising that the m88bet sport is shrouded in so much betting misunderstanding and misconception.

Let’s try to separate betting myth from reality:

Reality: Technical analysis may be popular but it’s hardly meaningful. If the rumor is correct, the gambler has stolen the line on a game that’s certain to change. Since most lines are accurate, the bettor takes little betting risk in chasing a rumor.

Myth #9: It’s never wise to bet on rumors

Myth #1: Betting lines are created to beat the public.

Myth #5: Professional gamblers pick their spots, betting just a couple of games a weekend.

Reality: While the goal is to construct a betting line that is of equal attraction to both favorite and underdog players, it rarely works out that way. Bookmakers still may occasionally receive information regarding injuries or weather changes before players, but thanks to technology, that advantage often can be measured in seconds. Myth #8: Statistical wagering trends are important.

Reality: Actually, sophisticated gamblers bet a lot of games. Knowing the strength of a team is worthless if you don’t also know the strength of the opponent.

Reality: Nowadays, with nearly everyone having access to the Internet, it’s not so much the information as how well that data is interpreted. Think of it this way: If you’re a successful gambler, why risk serious money on just a few games where a freak play or an official’s call can make you a loser? The wider the net is tossed, the less of a factor luck becomes in the outcome.

Myth #4: Bettors have the edge early in the season because oddsmakers and bookmakers need more time to assess the teams.

Reality: More hours are spent analyzing the opening week of the NFL season than any other is. Professional bettors put little faith in the favorite/underdog, home/away pointspread analysis that so often is cited by gridiron “handicappers.” It’s just another method of backfitting dismissed as irrelevant by wiseguys.

Reality: More than any misconception, this myth probably best illustrates the difference between how professionals and amateurs think. The betting line is created and adjusted to meet the opinion of professional gamblers because it is they, not the casual fan, who bets serious money on the game.

Reality: Oh, yes it is. A detailed, in-depth assessment of NFL teams begins more than a month before the opening kickoff. Those days are gone as inside information has all but ceased to exist and there is no such thing as a “trap” game.

Myth #3: Bookmakers have inside information that they use to establish “trap” games.

Myth #2: Betting lines get balanced action.

Reality: With the exception of the Super Bowl, the public plays almost no role in the linemaking process. Professional bettors generally wager approximately the same amount on every game they play. The concept of a “best bet” is a media creation that is foreign to professional sports bettors. Historically, the first six weeks of the season have been very kind to bookmakers. A professional gambler believes that if a game is worth betting, it’s worth betting significantly. If the rumor is false, then he’s played Indianapolis’ opponent at a fair price. Traditionally, how the house fares on these lopsided games, called “decisions,” determines whether books win or lose.. More typically, a third of the games on the NFL schedule will have an insignificant amount of betting to cause much of a concern, another third will have active but balanced betting and the remaining third will have mostly one-way action. For example, if a professional bettor hears a rumor that Peyton Manning has the flu and is too ill to play quarterback for the Colts, he’ll quickly bet on Indianapolis’ opponent

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Casino-Gaming :: Play Free Online Slots Games To Win Real Money

Casino games available to play over the internet are highly compatible with various operating systems including Linux, Mac, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

These web portals offer enthusiasts with plenty of options of free online casino games to choose from so that players can delight themselves with the wide choice interesting gambling games including poker, video poker, roulette, classic and video slots etc.

Playing online slots for money is incredibly gaining popularity amongst the masses when it comes to casino games. Browse through various slot game portals, explore available online casino games, select your favorite game, play it and win bonus money plus jackpots and lots more.. Remember! These gambling games to play for money and fun available over the internet can be paid or free. There are many websites where you can play funny game of online slots for money free including video slots and classic slots. Indulge into mind-blowing experience of betting classic as well as video slot games with best online casino games to play for money and fun.

Spin your fortune by playing free online casino games that too from the full comfort of your personal computer and win the m88bet jackpots.

The fact is that over past few years the field of Internet Technology has witnessed lots of beneficial upgradation that altogether have great impact on computer gaming particularly on online games. This brings online casino-gambling game of luck into a realm.

If you are a casual player and want to play free slots for fun then free fun slots games available over internet are perfect options where you do not burn away your earnings. This game of gambling is full of risk where you need to prepare yourself for both hit-or-miss of money. A very advantage of these cool gambling games is that you can try your luck with great privacy right at your place and win big bonuses and millionaire jackpots. Due to the busy life schedules oftentimes, players do not get time to go to casino-hotels to play game. It is the most popular gambling game that attracts interest of lots of people. Therefore, it is always advisable to read carefully all terms and conditions, game playing instructions, jackpot and bonus policies, etc. The growing popularity of gambling game coupled with latest technological innovations and resulted in availability of exciting online gambling games free to offer all passionate players an entirely different gambling experience. in order to avoid all sort of confusions.

Casino is an enjoyable gambling game of winning and losing money

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NCAA Football Live Stream Video Online: South Carolina vs. Georgia College Game is Free 9/10

Other teams being shown via the live stream for free include Auburn, Mississippi State, Michigan State, West Virginia and North Carolina.

The free college football live streaming game gets started up at 4:30PM EST on the ESPN3 website. It’s a great time to be a college football fan, especially if they’ve got high speed internet and a computer capable of streaming these NCAA games!

Several of these live feed NCAA games feature top 25 ranked teams, including South Carolina vs. Georgia. Coach Steve Spurrier is looking for big things from his team in today’s game. Georgia in what could be a very tight battle.

The 9/10 free live feed games are being presented thanks to ESPN3, also known as Watch ESPN, a free streaming sports network. This game should be a good one with the #12 South Carolina Gamecocks visiting the Georgia Bulldogs. Same goes for Georgia, as their coach wants a win here too, after last week’s disappointing loss.. This broadband network is offered by vavrious internet service providers across the United States.

Sports fans will watch NCAA football live online for free throughout Saturday thanks to a plethora of live streaming video feed games. Currently, South Carolina is favored by just a field goal, meaning this could make for a very close battle. The NCAA college football season is in full swing with Week 2 and plenty of great teams in action, including South Carolina vs. Fans will be able to watch that matchup and also choose to switch between other games as well

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Is Internet soccer betting at home is legal in Singapore?

I wish you luck and I hoped this helped. They are rock solid financially so you would never have to worry about your investment. One of the biggest online sportsbooks in the world is Bodog and they do cater to your market.…

That being said I know the Asian online gambling market is a big one. . That being said it is obvious that there are several thousands of Asian gamblers online.

Hi Gigi:

I’m not sure how the government of Singapore feels about online gambling but I know they are moving forward with the development of land based casinos. Obviously they are interested in the money involved in gambling.

I would suggest that if you are interested on soccer betting to visit the site and give it a try

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Philippines,Thailand : PAL asks for hike in fuel surcharge to balance the rising ATF cost.

PAL Express will now impose P400 for flights from Cebu to Busuanga;

P350 for Butuan and Davao flights; P300 for flights en route for

Caticlan, Iloilo, Tacloban, Cagayan de Oro, Puerto Princesa, Ozamiz and

Zamboanga; and P250 for Bacolod flights.

Eva Airways, similarly, is ready to hike the fuel surcharge levied

on global passengers flying to Taipei from Manila to $32 from $30,

whilst Qatar Airways is asking for nods to charge a $154 fuel surcharge

on people traveling on Business Class and $120 for Economy Class for

flights departing from Manila and Clark.

PAL has dumped the Airphil Express brand in last March and restored

the PAL Express brand under its strategy to facilitate the low cost

carrier enhance and operate at par with PAL.

The LCC will also impose a fuel surcharge of P380 for flights to

Laoag; P350 for flights to Legazpi and Tuguegarao; and P300 for Naga flights.

PAL, which is jointly possessed by taipan Lucio Tan and diversified

group San Miguel Corp. (SMC), is to increase the fuel surcharge levied

on passengers flying from Manila to Kalibo and Cebu to P400 from P350,

while passengers bound for Davao and Gen. Santos from Manila will be

charged P500 from earlier P450.

Philippine Airlines Inc. (PAL) has requested the CAB for a P50

increase on the fuel surcharge levied on its residual domestic routes.

2013 Al Bawaba (

The CAB is responsible for permitting airlines to levy fuel

_Palaui_Island_Cagayan_Philippines.jpg” width=”336″ />

surcharge on national and global passengers, providing a brief respite

to them to offset their losses due to rise in ATF price in the global


Provided by an company

It has also urged the CAB for its approval to charge a $30 fuel

surcharge for new flights from Manila to Bangkok plus Shanghai and

Hangzhou flights out of Kalibo.

PAL s budget subsidiary PAL Express (previous Airphil Express),

meanwhile, has requested for the CAB s approval for imposing a P50-P150

boost in the fuel surcharge levied on passengers on 44 local routes out

of Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Puerto Princesa, Davao and Zamboanga.

PAL Express will levy a fuel surcharge of P550 for flights out of

Manila en route for Dipolog and Gen.Santos; P500 for flights bound for

Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Cotabato, Ozamiz, Surigao and Zamboanga; P450

for the Roxas flights; and P400 for flights towards Basco, Busuanga,

Masbate, Puerto Princesa, Bacolod, Calbayog, Catarman, Caticlan,

Dumaguete, Iloilo, Kalibo, Tacloban and Tagbilaran,

The Pilipino flag carrier has restructured its operations to

concentrate on global routes, mainly the US and European ones, while it

shifted all its local flights, excluding Cebu, Davao, and Kalibo, to its

budget unit on 1st Aug., 2013.

The flag carrier of the Philippines along with its peers is in

anticipation of nods from the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) for hiking

the fuel surcharge on national as well as international flights

considering the aviation turbine fuel s (ATF) growing price in the

global market.

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Betting Tips | Betting Odds, Football Tips from Betfair

Licence Number: MGA/CL3/454/2008 17th March 2015, Betfair International Plc, Triq il-Kappillan Mifsud, St. All rights reserved.

© Betfair 2007-2015

For customers in the UK, TSE (Gibraltar) LP is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission, Licence Number: 000-039561-R-319411-001. Address: Units 2/4 and 2/5 Waterport Place, Gibraltar. Betfair International Plc is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. For any queries relating to Betting.Betfair, e-mail Licence Number: MGA/CL2/294/2006 12 March 2013, and for customers in the UK, licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission, Licence Number: 000-039439-R-319330-001.

Over 18s only.. Venera, SVR 1851, MALTA. Betfair Pty Ltd is licensed and regulated to offer Australian Markets by the Tasmanian Gaming Commission, and for customers in the UK, by the Gambling Commission, Licence Number: 000-039365-R-319337-001. ©The Sporting Exchange Limited. For any other Betfair-related queries, contact the helpdesk

BETFAIR ® and the BETFAIR logo are registered trade marks of The Sporting Exchange Limited. Fixed Odds & Multiples bets are placed with Betfair Counterparty Services Limited which is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority

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Mindanao Travel Guide

Increase your bodies adrenalin with wild river ride, be cautious because the adventure is not for the faint of heart because you have to navigate the river from a small rubber boat while strong current of water threatens to overtun your boat. As I have said the problem is just isolated on some remote area of Mindanao and those conflict ridden area must be avoided. The area is known for white water rafting adventure. The province is also known for its wildlife preservation with its crocodile farm and Philippine eagle sanctuary.

Cagayan de Oro : Birth place of my father, Cagayan de Oro (CDO) is a major entranced to some landlocked major tourist destination in Mindanao province. Mindanao is called the land of the promise for its vastness of natural resources and wonderful tourist spot destination.

Davao City : The province is known for its commercial and economic importance in Mindanao with its Domestic airport and seaports that open the city on its neighboring places.

Mindanao is blessed with natural resources along with its best tourist destination, but due to some insurgency along with peace and problem on some isolated area of the Island that is often attached to the island of Mindanao. Along with its fruits, Davao is also known for its fascinating tourist destination and to name some are Pearl Farm, White sand beaches of Samal Island that offers variation of lodges that will surely anybodies budget, Mount Apo as the highest peak in the country is aso located at Davao province. It is also known as one of the three main Island of  the country,  the other 2 namely Luzon and Visayas, Mindanao is compose of the main Island along with its smaller Island. Davao is known for its pungent smelling Durian fruit but once the fruit is tasted it seems that you were in heaven. Cagayan de Oro City is very accessible for tourist from Manila as it has its own Domestic Airport and Seaport aswell, Both opens Cagayan de Oro to its neighboring province for trades and commerce that makes it as one of the most progressive area in Mindanao. In reality Mindanao is a big area and majority of those places are inhabited by peace loving Christian and Muslim aswell, and some of those area was blessed and offers so much for travel aficionado. Mindanao is the only place in Phillipines where there is significant Muslim people.. When leaving Cagayan de Oro, don’t forget to buy the cities original sweet delicacy known as Pastel along with roasted peanuts.

I have here top destination in Mindanao for both foreign and Local tourist guest:

Siargao Island : The area is now recognized as the best surfer destination in the Philippines for its huge rolling waves, The island is starting to established a name as one of the best in the world nowadays as it host international surfing events every month of October.

Camiguin Island : Camiguin Island is known for its active volcano known as Hibok-Hibok, for its amazing white sand beaches and its underwater cementery. Be amazed with the natural beauty of the area while and feed your mind with its astounding natural sceneries.

Bukidnon : Bukidnon is known as the largest pineapple farm in the Philippines, the area is known for its vast plain and mountain allows the well of to own herd of farm animals within their haciendas, want to see real life Filipino style cowboy, visit the province.

Mindanao is the second largest Island in Philippines, located in the Eastermost part of the country. Davao is also a major producer of sweet sour Pomelo and export quality tasty Marang and Banana

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Pinoy Style SEO


Benj Arriola – a Filipino in San Diego, California was hailed champion in the SEO World Championships. and is working double time on outsource search engine optimization.

Author’s Bio: . Corp. – being the first Webmaster Staffing Company in Iloilo has proven a name not only here but also abroad. IT (Information Technology) Industry has phased in and local Filipino talents were utilized since IT became a very in demand course in the last 4 years. It’s human nature to seek for security. Becoming a very fast phased industry, outsourcing SEO companies set justifiable cost. A full time agent starts at just $625 per month. The requirements of running an online business tend to be ongoing. Many SEO companies like MBSTek in Manila, Syntactics and Harvest SEO in Cagayan de Oro, SEO Global Pro in Cebu and BHIPro in Davao, to name a few – goes to show that the industry is growing and that businesses are recognizing the need for SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) services.

Now, SEO set trend in Iloilo City which was entitled to be the next Metro Manila. Another scenario, freelancers work unpredictable schedules and may not have the appropriate tools or work environment.

This will be the perfect investment for businesses that advertises products and services in the web.

Outsourcing SEO companies has been the greatest asset for online businesses since the value of the web was recognized. Agents of Value have gained the trust of clients in Spain, Australia, Germany, Canada and some on the local proximity.

Paul is a 22 year old link builder from Eversun Software Phil. This is even better than finding someone over Freelance or Rentacoder. While a bit of pressure is great for moving a project along, freelance markets can provide a tenuous lifestyle for even the best webmasters or developer. Driving traffic through links, clicks, that’s how outsourcing SEO converts site visits into cold hard cash. Agents of Value aka Eversun Software Phil. In particular, there are a few major problems that come from working with freelancers. This surely gave Philippines a distinguishing mark in terms of SEO (search engine optimization) skills and because of this many SEO servicing companies have been organized in the county. More visits, more clicks simply means progress for your business.

By Paul Jyron D. The costs spent on your website for internet marketing has to be justified and often, they are justified by having more revenue and traffic to your web site.

Agents of Value is located in the Philippines, which means you get an educated staff at a very cost effective price. While a freelancer if finishing your project, they are already thinking about where their next project is coming from

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Runescape 2007 OldScape Woodcutting Leveling up Guide and Tips 1-99

Try to use the best axe you can, and don’t go to the willows at 30, and maples at 45 and so on.. This is an extremely popular woodcutting spot, and will get you high enough until you can go after yews. While you are woodcutting the trees I would suggest using a bronze axe as this is really all you need to cut these trees, and will be effective until level 20 ish. I suggest you do trees until you hit level 20. Also remember if you are trying to knock two birds out with 1 stone then mix the woodcutting with either fletching or firemaking to save yourself time and effort.

Once you hit level 20 or higher and you move to oaks I suggest using a steel ace. Maples are 100 XP each, and will yield a decent profit, and will also boost your fletching if that’s what your looking for. This is the easiest way, and there are usually no high level woodcutters here to steal your place and your trees. I suggest spending a lot of time here until you want to move to yews, but I suggest doing maples from 55-65 as this will allows you the experience and money that comes from maples, but will not send you to yews right away and will build you skill up.

Early levels

So obviously early levels you will need to do trees. This location has been extremely busy, and a lot of players are here.

With that being said willows will provide more money so once you do move to willows I suggest either finding somewhere that is not competitive, or try using Draynor Village. Wait until you pass it a couple levels, and while the reward might be a little better, overall you will have better success, and the levels will go by quicker. Go into the woods away from people with a knife, and every log cut these into arrow shafts. While they will yield more money, I think that the oaks chop faster, and will give you much more success overall. Now that you have made it to 50 lets talk trees.

When you are going to move to willows I highly suggest using the best axe that you can. In this area you will be able to cut the logs, and store them in the bank nearby, or fletch them and store the pieces in the bank. This will be more effective on these trees and gives you a higher success rate. This will give you the most money for you buck and help you make the most money for your effort.


So overall pace yourself for the long haul if your going for 99. The willow trees I have seen are highly competitive and you will have more success and luck at oaks.

When you are going to move to Yews I suggest waiting until level 65 as said above, and then I would go right for yews. The yews I personally save for my own fletching, but you can also sell them very easily on the forums or on a trading world.. I would highly suggest doing this until you can do magics, and then once again moving right along. I suggest staying at oaks until level 40, or until you can use a mithril hatchet before moving to willows. So I recommend staying on oaks as long as possible.

Personally I suggest staying at Willows until about 55, BUT if you want to make the move to Maples then take your path to Seers village. This is a popular spot, and the best spot for maples. I also suggest using the oak trees right outside of Varrock West bank. If you come back later and get feathers you will make decent profit, and will be able to flip them fairly easily. while you will have a low success rate, and will take a while to get your logs, your best chance of money making comes from magic logs, so I highly suggest moving to these as quickly as possible. I would also wait until 35+ before moving to willows.

Above level 50

Once you hit level 50 you are from from halfway to 99 xp wise, but level wise you are half way there. So congrats so far. These are bringing in good money right now, and will continue to bring in good money for all the fletchers that are out there. Once you hit around 20 I would suggest moving on to oaks.

Move to magic at your own time, but I personally would move right to magic at 75

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What is the safest way to gamble besides freestyle gambling?

If you are missing one of these two elements, however, you are doomed to lose in the long run. If you win, you will have made $5 for those 11 hands. If the table maximum is $25,000 and you lose 12 in a row, you cant cover your losses with bet 13. You may play for months or even years without ever hitting the table limits in a casino, reaping the benefits of the “Martindale” system. ($40,960 losses vs. Do yourself a favor and learn to play poker.

“Double up ’til you catch up” is a theoretically perfect way to play, provided you have an unlimited bankroll and no fixed table limits. You will eventually lose the 13 in a row required to reach the table maximum (possibly as many as 20 depending on table min/max) and when you do, your losses will be unrecoverable.

Example: If you start at $5 and lose 10 hands in a row your eleventh bet would be $5120.

. $25,000 max bet)

It is rare to lose 15 hands in a row, but not unheard of. If you lose, you’re putting up $10,240 to win the same $5

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Terry Rozier? No trade into the lottery? What happened with the Boston Celtics’ NBA Draft?

They followed that by adding athletic power forward Jordan Mickey (LSU) at No. Imagine the defensive potential of a lineup that included Smart, Bradley, Winslow and Jae Crowder.

By all accounts, Rozier shows a fierce commitment to basketball. 9, Boston engaged in discussions with the Charlotte Hornets. Rumors swirled that picks could fly, DeMarcus Cousins could relocate, the league could see a wild amount of activity.

According to one source inside the Boston Celtics front office, the team tried to trade up as high as the fourth pick. He should give Boston another fearless penetrator, which the team badly needs.

“We’ll finish our roster this summer,” said Ainge, who vowed to target big men in free agency. “We may have to make some tough choices, but we really like all the guys.”

Hunter’s deep range should help in a major area of defiency – 3-point shooting, where the Celtics ranked 27th in percentage — and he might become a steal that late in the first round. The Celtics piled up a major offer — big enough to wonder whether they were even overpaying for the right to draft Winslow. Ultimately, the Celtics decided on Rozier, whose top-shelf speed and tenacious defense sang to president of basketball operations Danny Ainge. Anyway, Ainge doesn’t give a damn about public perception. We had him in for a couple of workouts and we really grew to like him.”

“I just think he (has) an elite level (of) toughness, athleticism and drive,” head coach Brad Stevens said. Still, Ainge knows the backcourt is overcrowded. 45. I think our fans will love him. I’ve talked about the environment of work that is so important, and I just think that he brings a lot of intangibles to the table that we’ve really appreciated about the guys we’ve had in our locker room.”

Shortly after getting drafted by the Celtics, Rozier jumped into a swimming pool with his suit on. Still, the Hornets said no and chose Frank Kaminsky instead, leaving Boston to wonder how its package fell short.. Not because the organization in New England wanted it to be, though.

“Obviously, we have a lot of guards. When the target, Justise Winslow, was still available at No. He’s got great speed, athleticism and length, and he’s a terrific defender. There was talk about choosing a versatile wing like Justin Anderson, who wasn’t far behind Rozier on Boston’s draft board.

“He’s really athletic and really tough,” Ainge said. I think he has a great upside as a two-way player. While he had no idea Boston would pick him midway through the first round, he didn’t want to call himself surprised by the pick; he said he has put in too much work to be surprised a team wanted him. But our roster isn’t complete. That mentality is something the Celtics really value.

With the 28th pick, the Celtics acquired another guard, former Georgia State shooter R.J. If they had pried away a pick to land the former Duke star, he would have helped to mend some of their weaknesses, including size and physicality on the wing. I think our team will love him. According to league sources, the latter second-round pick is unlikely to make the roster next season and could potentially end up overseas.

Minutes after making his final pick, Ainge was thinking about addressing the logjam at some point. According to an involved source, the front office still debated about whether to choose him, with one argument being that adding another guard would overcrowd the backcourt. “He’s a great worker. “Obviously there’s holes in the roster at our big spots, and not so much in the guard lineup. He has great form, great mechanics. He would have made sense in fit as well as talent.

Instead, Boston’s furious attempts to trade up were turned down, and Ainge chose a speedy guard under the best player available mantra. And I believe that his shooting numbers will continue to improve as well. He’ll live in the paint. And we like them all.

By the time the 16th pick arrived, Terry Rozier was the top-ranked player left on the Celtics board. “And I love those kind of guys. We’re a team that’s building for a championship, and we’ll continue to do that by trying to find the best players we can.”

Instead, the draft was quiet. Rozier should compete like hell, add a dose of playmaking, and perhaps one day blossom into a stud. If you’ve learned anything, that’s one thing you should know: What you see today is not what you’ll see tomorrow or next month.

The Celtics really liked Winslow, too. “Tools off the chart,” described one rival front-office figure. Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley and Evan Turner all received major minutes last season, and Rozier, Hunter and James Young will be fighting to crack the rotation. He can get where he needs to get. Though some mock drafts listed the Louisville product as a borderline first-rounder, several Celtics sources were convinced he would have been selected shortly after their pick. 33 and guard Marcus Thornton (William Mary) at No. Anderson might have been a better fit, but Rozier has more of a chance to become special.

BOSTON – In the week leading up to the NBA Draft, we heard how crazy it might be. And we’ll figure it out,” he said. Hunter. Still, there’s no denying Rozier and Hunter leave the roster lopsided with five days until the free agency period begins

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Bobby Flay and Stephanie March reportedly feuding over horse race winnings

March most recently blew up on Flay, in mid-May, after he brought a publicist to their divorce hearing.

But it doesn’t end there, she also accuses the chef of pocketing $60,000 earned from selling the horse as well.

March says Flay, 50, pocketed the horse’s winnings totaling $130,000, according to TMZ.

There was a lot of horsing around in Stephanie March and Bobby Flay’s marriage.

bobby flay stephanie march 876.jpg

Actress Stephanie March and her husband, chef Bobby Flay, attend the amfAR Inspiration Miami Beach Party at Soho Beach House in Miami Beach, Florida December 6, 2012. (Reuters)

A request for comment from Flay’s rep was not immediately returned.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post’s Page Six.

The “Law and Order: SVU” actress, 40, reportedly claims Flay kept the money earned from a race horse given to her as a fourth wedding anniversary present back in 2009.

Flay apparently has affinity for the race track, his other horse named America, won him $65,550 back in December.

The former couple has been fighting over terms of their decade-old prenuptial agreement – which gives March $5,000 a month and a $1 million buyout for their former home.

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